C L A R I T Y – m u s h r o o m m i n d


The realm of clarity exists

where human law does not ,

where language does not ,

where logic does not;

Because feeling something

is altogether different than

merely knowing it.

Clarity comes in a flash of

l i g h t –

like lightening adorning the night sky with wild hues of silver and magenta…

demonstrating that truth can only be uncovered

not discovered.

And we are better when we’re healed

than we were without scars;

and life has always held the same meaning:

its secret kept hidden in the

s t a r s .

Not waiting.

Not seeking.

Just being.

Once you set eyes on it,

you cannot again go blind.

y o u


You are poetry wrapped in skin,

on fire from within.

I am just a collection of

ghosts and sin,

steadfast in chagrin.

Through you I can peer into realms unseen.

I count the stars in your eyes

and the light makes everything


Fire spreads too fast for water’s wave-

the world disappears

and you are the sun.

The sky falls into itself,

but your light remains-

And I am your reflection

hidden in the face of the moon.

Oh what truth,

what beauty lies in both of us!

In all of us!

Did you know it all along when you looked at me?

You have dug a hole in my wounds-

Released the poison and the fumes.

You made space there in the doom-

to plant seeds to grow

to heal,

to bloom.

d a y d r e a m


There is a disconnect between the

body and the spirit

when one’s mind is

a w a y ;

And though you may see me-

I am not here.

I answer a call that leads me astray…

To where I belong in a

f  a  r  a  w  a  y


where colors are vivid and melt

into each other in a quick embrace.

Movement and passion merging-

Like falling rain on a freshly painted canvas.


I hear music where I once heard screams.


I am

 s e t t l e d .


 I belong.

I am nostalgic and

h y p e r b o l i c

 in this place of dreams.